Being Fascinated with Prognostication

Muslim prophecies about the last days, Roman Catholic prophecies about the last days, Mayan prophecies, the list can go on.

It breaks my heart to see believers taken in so quickly by the latest  “insight” of extra-biblical “prophecy.” They are more fascinated by what a medieval sage purported about the future than what the Creator of the universe declares: “Remember, I have told you ahead of time.” (Matt 24:25).

One objection I have heard is basically: “The Koran and Hadith is Satanically inspired, therefore if we examine their religious literature we can learn more about the deceptive end-times.” That logic held by some is frightening to me. So what if it is? Are you actually going to tell me you are going to trust something that is Satanically inspired? And how do you that Satan is not playing reverse psychology on you? Don’t be naive for a second and think you can outwit the Devil. He is the father of lies.

It is time for believers to sober up from prophetic sensationalism and stop reading the tea leaves from “Evangelical” pop prophecy books about Islam, the Roman Catholic Church, as well as date-setting. It is time to get on our knees and repent to God before we deceive ourselves into damnation. Cling to the surety of God’s Word—and nothing else.

“For there will be a time when people will not tolerate sound teaching. Instead, following their own desires, they will accumulate teachers for themselves, because they have an insatiable curiosity to hear new things.” (2 Tim 4:3)


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