California Bible Prophecy Seminar Coming up in Two Weekends! An Urgent Message

There are many prophecy conferences and seminars happening this year across this country. But sadly I am not aware of any that are actually going through the key prophecy passages from our Lord’s Olivet Discourse, Paul’s Thessalonian epistles, and the book of Revelation.

The vast majority of these conferences are talking about current events with some being even sensational. But I believe that a Bible prophecy conference should be about…the Bible. And those who are talking about the Bible are teaching an escapist theology that the church will be raptured away before the Antichrist arrives—a teaching that has no basis in Scripture.

The Bible clearly teaches that God has chosen the last generation of the church to face the unprecedented persecution of the Antichrist’s great tribulation. This is a hard teaching for the church today (it was the only teaching in the early church).

The Bible prophecy seminar coming up in California will be heeding Jesus’ warning: “Remember, I have told you ahead of time” (Matt 24:25). This is an urgent message for us, because it was urgent for our Lord.

I look forward to the fellowship….and do not forget to bring your Bibles!



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