The New “Left Behind” Movie and a Forthcoming Prewrath Book

My major book on refuting pretribulationism will be out this fall: Prewrath Answering Pretribulationism: A Biblical and Theological Critique. I cannot promise, but I hope, it will be out on October 3rd coinciding with the pretribulational film Left Behind. In any event, the aim is this fall.

Prewrath Answering Pretribulationism will thoroughly answer thirty-five of the most common pretribulational beliefs and objections to the prewrath position, responding to over twenty pretribulational authors. They will not be surface-level, slipshod responses to pretribulationalism (you should know me better than that!). Instead, they will be thorough, in-depth refutations to the best that pretrib has to offer. I consider this book important for prewrath literature. It will be sort of a “handbook” of effective, exegetical arguments responding to pretribulationism. It is a fitting followup to my book Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord.

May this book correct the escapist theology that we find in this upcoming pretribulational film:



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