NEW Prewrath Book Published!

Prewrath very short introduction cover

ORDER HERE! Prewrath: A Very Short Introduction to the Great Tribulation, Rapture, and Day of the Lord

I am happy to announce that the slimdown version of my book is published. It is a shortened edition (an excerpt) to Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord: What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Return of Christ. 

Even though I highly encourage reading the latter book for a full-orbed prewrath description, I recognize there are some who desire a quicker read to get an overview before reading further.

I have also written this excerpt with the hope that this short book would be widely distributed. Accordingly, I have offered a deep bulk discount of $5.00 a copy! I believe this message is urgent and it is my desire to see as many Christians as possible be introduced to its biblical message.




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