Prewrath Pastors: Would You Like to Host a Bible Prophecy Seminar at Your Church?

If you are a pastor who holds to prewrath eschatology and would like to host a prewrath seminar at your church on a Saturday, you can contact Eschatos Ministries for details.

The seminar is titled “Before the Day of the Lord.” It consists of six sessions teaching on the topic of the second coming of Christ, covering key OT prophets, the Olivet Discourse, 1&2 Thessalonians, and an important section in the book of Revelation.

There has been an overwhelming positive response from people who have attended the seminar, grasping the prewrath teaching and being convicted by its urgent message. It is a dynamic-interactive biblical teaching that is beneficial for the people of God, instructing them in sound biblical prophecy and preparing them to be spiritually ready for what may soon come upon us.



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