Quick Reply to Pretrib Teacher Mark Hitchcock on Prewrath and the Book of Revelation – Ep. 33

Alan Kurschner itunes 600I replied to pretrib teacher Dr. Mark Hitchcock’s grossly misrepresented explanation of the prewrath position in his workbook on the Book of Revelation in his three bullet points:


“Approximately the last fourth of the tribulation is wrath.”

“Believers will be raptured just before that point.”

“The wrath begins in the sixth seal, so the rapture is between the sixth and seventh seal.”

I took these point by point and explained why prewrath does not affirm these points. Hitchcock is described as a “leading Bible prophecy expert.” But his research on prewrath does not reflect his title. This is typical of many pretrib teachers. But when you have one of the most noted pretrib teachers producing shabby material like this, it does not bode well for pretribulationism.


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