Contest! What Should I Use for a Book Cover Image for my Forthcoming Book on Imminence?

I am having a contest—and there is an award!

So I am thinking about what image I can give the professional cover designer for my forthcoming book on imminence (the title will be released next month).

I have thought of two ideas of an image: an old door that is closed (connoting the idea that Jesus has not opened the door and returned). The other idea is an image/art of the 10 virgins.

But I am open to any ideas you have that would go along with the theme of the book: refuting the pretrib notion of imminence (aka “any moment” rapture). If you send me your idea for the cover art of an image/photo and I actually use it for my book cover…you win! Your name will be included in the cover art credits and you will receive a free copy of the book when it is released.

Start those creative juices!



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