The Best Argument for a Future Millennium

This is a previous episode I did on The Biblical Prophecy Program. In my opinion, this is the best argument for establishing a future millennium (i.e. premillennialism). I am posting it here because it would be a shame for it to get buried in the program’s archive.

I am, incidentally, writing a series of  “Answering” books, including the forthcoming:

Future Millennium: Premillennialism Answering Amillennialism on the Binding of Satan

Prewrath Answering Pretribulationism

Prewrath Answering Posttribulationism

Futurism Answering Preterism

Back to the premil argument. Here is a summary of episode 3 in the link above:

I talked about what the millennial debate is not about, and what it is about. Many interpreters frame the wrong question when they engage the millennial debate. This allowed me to introduce the most fundamental principle of interpreting the Bible, which is to ignore chapter breaks. I also gave a brief history on who introduced chapter divisions and how it has influenced our interpretations, especially amillennialists regarding the unfortunate chapter break at Revelation 20. This helped to set up my main topic by explaining that Revelation 19:11–20:3 supports premillennialism, not amillennialism. The binding of Satan will happen—not already at the first coming of Christ—but at the second coming of Christ. In my view, the argument I used is one of the best biblical arguments for premillennialism. Every premillennial student of prophecy should be competent to use this to defend their position.



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