A Reply to Jan Markell’s “Understanding the Times” Prophecy Conference and Ed Hindson Likening Prewrath to Beating Your Wife – Ep. 45

Alan Kurschner itunes 2048I first talked about Jan Markell’s sensational, pretrib, annual, Bible prophecy conference. It represents the typical pretrib conference that is not very helpful for people to learn about Bible prophecy.

Second, I played a clip of pretrib teacher Dr. Ed Hindson from last year’s Markell’s conference. It was full of rhetoric claiming that prewrath teaching is tantamount to beating your wife. You can see the video clip below where he shows a picture of an abused woman on his powerpoint for the audience!

I gave two responses to Hindson’s bad theology.

First I explained that he fails to make the biblical distinction between the Antichrist’s great tribulation and the day of the Lord’s wrath. This is typical of pretribulationism. It is a foundational flaw in the pretrib system.

Second, I talked about the failure of pretrib theology when it comes to understanding suffering and God’s good purposes in suffering. I used the example of the nature of the great tribulation and how God will use that time to refine the faith of the church, sanctifying them and emboldening them to become faithful—overcomers—during the time of the Antichrist.  Pretribs fail to distinguish between God’s retributive judgment and his disciplinary judgment. This is a clear distinction in the Bible as I explained.



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