David James at the recent Berean Call Conference gives a tortured definition of what Prewrath teaches

Just to let you know, I don’t go out searching for critiques or misrepresentations of the prewrath position. I don’t need to. They come to me. And recently there have been a spate of people sending me this or that pretrib sermon and wanting me to review it. My time is limited so I have to be selective.

Let me explain what is going on out there. There are a lot of church-goer believers who are seriously questioning and even leaving the pretrib tradition. Pretrib pastors and teachers are getting alarmed. And where are these believers going? Over to the prewrath camp. So that is why you are seeing more and more critiques of the prewrath position on the Internet.

Of course, I see this as very encouraging. Our efforts are not completely falling on deaf ears. God is waking up the church on this issue.

This leads me to the annual Berean Call Bible conference that was held this past weekend, and from what I have heard—and seen—they were not very kind to prewrath, even one major speaker, Paul Wilkinson, calling prewrath “heretical.” This is to be expected since their late Dave Hunt treated prewrath with contempt.

David James of the Alliance for Biblical Integrity was a speaker at the annual Berean Call conference.

I have had several past and recent email exchanges with him. I sent him my book last year but he has not read it. Although just recently he said he started reading my book on Kindle. I hope my book will correct his misunderstanding of prewrath. So this post is more directed to, not David James, but everyone at the Berean Call conference that he gave a tortured explanation of what prewrath teaches.

David James repeatedly tells me that “the Pre-wrath view is seriously in error.”

However, he clearly does not understand prewrath as the video clip below will demonstrate from this past weekend. Watch this video at the 1:13:25 mark, then see my comments below:


First, he says the prewrath view is a “modified mid-trib” rapture. It is not. And he does not explain how exactly it is a “modified mid-trib” rapture.

Second, he said that he thought that prewrath teaches the rapture would happen before (!) or in in connection with the sixth seal. This is not true. Prewrath teaches that the rapture will happen after the sixth seal but before the seventh seal when God’s wrath is unleashed.

Third, he says that prewrath teaches the rapture will happen before (!) the great tribulation. Again, complete misrepresentation. Prewrath teaches the rapture will happen after the great tribulation.

Fourth, he said he thought maybe prewrath teaches that the wrath of God begins at the midpoint or maybe “post” mid. This is the most fundamental tenet of prewrath and he does not even know what prewrath teaches on this. The day of the Lord’s wrath will begin sometime during the second half of the seven year period immediate after the rapture. We do not know the day or hour. The wrath of God does not begin at the midpoint.

By the way, if anyone can identify the young man who asked David James about prewrath, please let me know who it is. The moderator, as I could make out, said his name is “Alexander.” I would like to send this young my my book Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord. He seems like a true Berean.


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