VIDEO: Setting up the world to be duped by the Antichrist

This video speaks for itself.

But I think the American university system should be shut down immediately because it is a threat to not only our national security but western civilization.

The video got me thinking of the conditions that will exist when the Antichrist comes on the scene. The Antichrist will not have to do too much work to deceive the world, since stupidity will abound when he arrives!

Steve Hays responds to this video with the appropriate blog post title “Red Square.” He writes:

I appreciate the fact that the Family Policy Institute of Washington is uncovering the sneaky, despotic machinations of the liberal establishment.

In addition, I appreciate how the interviews expose the arbitrary, harebrained logic of transgenderism.

That said, accurate opinion polling presumes that respondents feel free to say what they really think. But the average college campus is a police state of political correctness. If you stick a microphone in front of students and ask questions like that, even most students who think transgenderism, unisex locker rooms, &c., are BS, are reluctant to say that on camera. They are acutely self-conscious of severe reprisal that awaits them if they dare to challenge the regnant political orthodoxies on camera. The video will go viral. They will be subjected to a cyber lynch mob. They will be hauled before college Kangaroo courts, in a Kafkesque no-win situation. They will be ordered to recant on pain of expulsion. They will be required to attend “sensitivity” seminars. This is a reason the liberal establishment resorts to intimidation. It works! The establishment has the high cards.



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