Two Benefits of Being an Eschatos Partner

An Eschatos Partner is a monthly committed prewrather who desires to see Eschatos Ministries continue to exist and grow.

If it were not for Eschatos Partners, Eschatos Ministries would be short-lived.

There are two benefits of being a Partner:

  1. The most important: Personally helping to see the prewrath message get out—and it is! Partners are dedicated to the mission: teaching biblical prophecy from a futurist, premillennial, prewrath perspective. This is the main reason why they commit financially to the ministry. It is selfless.
  2. As a token to being a Partner, Eschatos Partners receive free copies of any books that are published during their active Partner status (the third book is coming soon which is a major book responding to pretrib imminence). They also receive a 30% discount on all store-wide products.

This ministry is a “David” among the pretrib Goliath ministries. (I am not complaining! I have seen so much fruit from the ministry in the past few years.) However, the days are very short—let us not kid ourselves—so help me get this prewrath message out.

Become a Partner today. Please.



Alan E. Kurschner



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