A New Course on New Testament Textual Criticism


Over at the Center for Learning Biblical Greek, I am offering a course on New Testament Textual Criticism.


Papyrus 37 | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Library, wikimedia.org

Why should I take this course?

One of the most commonly asked questions in the church today is, “How did we get our Bible?” A related question is, “Is the Bible reliable or has it been corrupted?”

These are not mere academic questions. They affect the very core of the Christian faith. In the past several decades the Bible has been attacked on this front. For example, the #1 objection from Muslims to the Christian faith is:

Your Bible is corrupt because it is based on thousands of manuscripts that contradict each other.

Atheists and many other religious groups make the same objections.

Do you know how to answer them?

Many of these objections are easily answered. You do not have to be a Bible scholar to be able to answer these common objections. But you do need a basic understanding of the history of the making of the Bible. That is, the history of the transmission of the text of Scripture.

Learn to defend the Bible as a trusted, reliable textual source for our knowledge of God and his message for us.




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