Why Eschatos Ministries Is Not a 501(c)(3)Tax-Exempt Organization

When I started Eschatos Ministries about five years ago, I had original, modest intentions of just posting infrequent blog posts and promoting a soon-to-be published book. So I was not thinking in terms of an official, organized tax-exempt ministry with all the paper work and such that is required for a 501(c)(3).

Since then the ministry has grown a lot in the sense of expanded outreach such as seminars, conferences, very popular podcast, and responding to thousands of emails, among other opportunities.

During that time and up to the present day it has been just myself that wears a lot of hats, so I have kept it simple without applying for non-profit status. Perhaps one day we may become tax-exempt. For now, gifts are not tax-deductible, so it is a gift from one Christian to another.

I appreciate the financial support I have and currently receive, including the monthly Eschatos Partners who give without a tax-exempt interest.

I do think that this ministry has a lot more potential, Lord willing. I pray that one day I will be able to work this ministry full-time and provide a ton more of content for everyone. So please consider becoming an Eschatos Partner, which is giving on a monthly basis. To do so, you can go here at our Partner page for a couple easy steps to sign up.

We are reaching thousands of people every day— and The Biblical Prophecy Program is the most popular biblical prophecy podcast on iTunes, which says a lot!

So if you can help free me up much more to work this blessed ministry, I would be grateful for your help. And those who are currently supporting this ministry…a big THANK YOU to you.

Please join me in prayer to help get this urgent message out to the people of God.

Alan Kurschner



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