A Few Bizarre and Ignorant Comments on Prewrath From Compass International Bill Perkins

It is clear that Bill Perkins knows nothing of what prewrath teaches. But that does not stop him from making colossal ignorant assertions about the prewrath position from this article. His statements speak for themselves.

For the record, I think the book “The Pre-wrath Rapture of the Church” has caused the Body of Christ a great deal of pain and confusion. I think the author means well, but the book promotes, in my opinion, heresy.

I feel badly for people deceived by this teaching because I too was once deceived into believing the “pre-wrath” argument. When I was a new Believer in the 1970s, I was taught by my well-meaning pastor that “mid-trib” Rapture was a fact, not a theory.

“Pre-wrathers” believe that “God’s Wrath” comes only in the last 3 1/2 years of the tribulation…

Instead of living boldly for the Lord, knowing He is coming to take us home, the pre-wrathers worry about the Antichrist coming!

One of the cornerstones of Bible prophecy doctrine is that we’re to keep our eyes looking up to heaven, to our future home, not down on this earth. We are to look for Jesus, not the Antichrist!

I eventually moved on from my first church, which also tended to border on legalism–common among pre-wrathers. And as I continued to read my Bible through the years, the more I could not scripturally defend the mid-trib position, or its close cousin, “pre-wrath.” 

To accept “pre-wrath” you have to say the first 3 1/2 years of the 70th Week of Daniel is no different than today.

I challenge anyone who holds a “Pre-wrath” view of eschatology to find something Biblically wrong with the Lie #5 Bible study. And if you can’t, you have no choice but to rethink your “pre-wrath” position. 

Will Bill Perkins be willing to defend his collossal ignorance of what prewrath actually teaches in a public moderated debate with myself? Of course he won’t. Evidently, it is much easier for him to bluster behind a keyboard writing in ALL CAPS, bold, italics, underline, color, and exclaim!



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