A Quick Response to Pretrib Teacher and Pastor Geoffrey Kirkland

Geoffrey Kirkland makes the mistake of indicating that his pretribulationism is the only interpretation of futuristic premillennialism. He does not even use the term “pretribulationism.” He just (wrongly) assumes futuristic premillennialism is the same thing as his eschatological pretrib framework, which misleads his readers.

They are not the same thing. Pretribultionism is one interpretation of futuristic premillennialism.

Prewrath is another perspective on futuristic premillennialism—in fact, it is the fastest growing futuristic premillennialism today, as many are leaving the pretrib view and coming over to prewrath.  Here you can find A Short, Biblical Overview of Future Events from the prewrath view.

I encourage some of you to go over to Kirkland’s blog post and kindly attempt to engage his pretribulation presuppositions with prewrath exegesis.


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