Does Acts 17:31 Support Imminence of Jesus’s Return? – Ep. 91

I responded to the pretrib proof text Acts 17:31 that purports to support an any-moment rapture.

“Therefore, although God has overlooked such times of ignorance, he now commands all people everywhere to repent, (31) because he has set a day on which he is going to judge the world in righteousness, by a man whom he designated, having provided proof to everyone by raising him from the dead.” (Acts 17:30–31)

Pretrib interpreters have read imminence in the statement: “he has set a day on which he is going to judge the world.” Evidently, the reasoning goes that since we do not know that exact day that he will begin to judge the world, that is supposed to mean that no prophesied events will happen before judgment day. That is a leap in logic that fails to maintain a preconceived conclusion. And it is another example of an argument from silence. Paul’s purpose here is not to discuss whether events will precede judgment day. Instead, Paul’s purpose is to warn his pagan Greek audience that God “now commands all people everywhere to repent they do not repent,” lest they be judged in God’s ordained timing.

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