‘Apocalypse’ ‘Apocalyptic’ ‘Apocalypticism’

Apocalypse. A text that purports to offer disclosure of heavenly secrets by vision, dream or audition.

Apocalyptic. An adjective referring to that which is linked with revelation or the Apocalypse, the book of Revelation, often used as an alternative way of referring to apocalypticism.

Apocalypticism. A phenomenon in religion which is defined by either the form of the apocalypse or the contents of the various apocalypses. According to the first definition, apocalypticism is the religion characterized by ecstatic visionary experience in which divine mysteries beyond human understating are communicated to humans. According to the latter definition, apocalypticism is the cluster of ideas corresponding to the content of the Apocalypse (catastrophe, hope for a new world, and stark contrasts between good and evil).

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