Announcement of an Upcoming Conference

I’ve been invited to speak January 4–6 at FUTURE CONGRESS 2 on the prewrath position (*Apparently the site is still being updated). This is not a prophecy conference per se. It includes prophecy issues, but the conference is unique in that it covers an array of issues. So as a disclaimer, I would not be in agreement with a topic or speakers’ interpretation just because it is being presented at the conference.

There are some noted pretribulational speakers, which shows that the organizer is open to having different perspectives on eschatology represented at the conference—that is encouraging.

This is an opportunity for many (including pretribulational believers who attend) to hear a presentation on the prewrath position for the first time that they never would have otherwise. I am giving three lectures:

  • The Celestial Disturbances and the PreWrath Rapture
  • Does Jesus Teach the Rapture in Matthew 24:31?
  • Does the Apostle Paul Teach the Church will Face the Antichrist?



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