A Quick Update From the Conference

I am speaking at the Future Congress 2 conference this weekend. This afternoon, I gave my prewrath presentation on the celestial disturbances as the harbinger to the day of the Lord’s wrath. The room was so packed that we had to add chairs, and even then we had to end up turning people away because […]

Speaking in the Dallas Area…

For those in the Dallas area this weekend, I will be speaking on the prewrath position, giving three presentations at the Future Congress 2 conference.  

Registration Now Open for the “Future Congress 2” Conference

Click Here to register. I am giving three lectures: The Celestial Disturbances and the Prewrath Rapture If there is any “key” to the rapture question, it should be found in the “celestial disturbance” event in the Bible. Kurschner shows that this celestial event serves a two-fold purpose: (1) It cuts short the Antichrist’s Great Tribulation, […]

Announcement of an Upcoming Conference

I’ve been invited to speak January 4–6 at FUTURE CONGRESS 2 on the prewrath position (*Apparently the site is still being updated). This is not a prophecy conference per se. It includes prophecy issues, but the conference is unique in that it covers an array of issues. So as a disclaimer, I would not be […]