(Documentary) THE SIGN | Rapture, September 23, Revelation 12

Earlier this summer I was interviewed for the upcoming documentary The Sign. It will air on AUDIENCE network on Thursday 9/14 at 8PM EST.

Below is a teaser; the main trailer for the documentary will be out later this week if I am not mistaken.

There were many prophecy teachers interviewed for this documentary. Although the documentary aims to be balanced, I suspect it is sympathetic to those seeing prophetic significance in the astronomical events of this coming September 23rd.

In my interview, I argued that Revelation 12 has nothing to do with the astronomical alignment, as well as nothing to do with the rapture, let alone the rapture occurring on September 23rd. I also made some prewrath comments, since the vast majority of those promoting the September 23rd date is driven by pretribulationists.

How much of my interview will actually be used for the documentary—and how it will be edited!—is yet to be seen.

I have an ongoing series on my website here responding to the “Revelation 12:5 is the rapture” interpretation. I intend to post a few more articles before the failed predicted date on September 23rd!


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