(VIDEO) The BACKSTORY to Scottie Clarke’s FIRST Failed Prediction of the Rapture

(For future reference, you can follow my ongoing series critiquing Scott Clarke's "Great Sign of Revelation 12" theory at this link.) As a preface I want to say that I am not "attacking" Scottie Clarke personally. He seems like a nice and sincere … [Continue reading]

(VIDEO) A Reply to Scott Clarke’s ‘The Great Sign of Revelation 12’ Theory

I want to respond to a few points in a video from Scott Clarke, who evidently introduced the recent "Great Sign Revelation 12" theory (the video is down below). I will be responding to him more in the future on various aspects of his pretribulational … [Continue reading]

Revelation 12, the Great Sign, the Woman, the Rapture, and September 23rd 2017

I have been asked a number of times what I think about the prophecy of Revelation 12 and the astronomical event this coming September 23rd 2017. Is there prophetic significance to this event? This issue has taken the Bible prophecy world by storm, to … [Continue reading]

(VIDEO) Pretrib Teacher Billy Crone Caught Denying Imminence

The Bible although it doesn't give us the date of the rapture, it does give us indicators when it is getting close, the season (emphasis mine). —Billy Crone on Prophecy Watchers hosted by Gary Stearman –6/1/17 Sooner or later when you get pretrib … [Continue reading]

Israel Exists Because God Exists

"Is it possible to use modern Israel as proof of God’s existence?..." http://www.zeteo316.com/modern-israel-as-proof-of-gods-existence/   … [Continue reading]

Greek Grammar Indicates the ‘Beast’ in the Book of Revelation Is a PERSON

There are many good reasons to think that the "beast" in the book of Revelation refers to a person and not a mere symbol (contra idealism and historicism). One of these reasons is found in how Greek grammar works. In Greek, a relative pronoun will … [Continue reading]

The Myth that Chiliasm (aka Premillennialism) was Condemned in Early Church Councils

Francis X Gumerlock (who is an expert in Patristic commentaries on the book of Revelation) refutes the perpetual myth that Chiliasm was condemned in early church councils; for example at the Council of Constantinople  in 381 or the Council of Ephesus … [Continue reading]

Rapture Debate Among Pretrib, Prewrath, and Posttrib

We have new subscribers here everyday who are new to the issues. How does prewrath compare to other positions? The following was a written debate that I participated in back a while ago. It should be helpful for … [Continue reading]

Billy Crone Commits a Form of the Ancient Heresy of Dualism

Billy Crone in defending pretribulationism as you can see in the video below (starting at 10:10) argues fallaciously that since Jesus opens up the seals, therefore the seals must be God's eschatological wrath. In other words, in his thinking Jesus … [Continue reading]

Do NOT Read Back 16th Century English Translations into Apostasia in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 to Mean a Physical Departure! – Ep. 87

I responded to what is arguably the most desperate argument defending that the Greek noun apostasia in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 refers to the rapture. Those who argue for this, claim that because some early sixteenth English translations use the … [Continue reading]

The Greek Noun Apostasia Never Means a ‘Physical-Spatial Departure,’ e.g. the Rapture in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 (Part 3) – Ep. 86

I responded to this most common argument by those who think that the Greek noun apostasia in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 refers to the rapture. I explained that they have to define a noun by its cognate verb meaning. In lexical semantics this is called … [Continue reading]