A Snippet from the Forthcoming Book Responding to Pretrib Imminence…

God has worked with Israel and the church at the same time in the past, he does in the present, and he will in the future.   In the Past God worked with Israel during the church age in AD 70. Before the death of Jesus during the Old Covenant dispensation, a prophecy given to […]

Why Do Pretribs Believe there is a Rapture Before the 70th Week of Daniel?

Why the Bowls Do Not Happen Within the 42 Months, but Happen After the Completion of the Seven-Year Period During 30 Days

Darrin writes: On the bowls, my view is that they occur within the 42 months of the reign of the beast, see Revelation 13:5. The beast is only given 42 months [second-half]. The bowls depict the beast still having a throne, a kingdom, followers, the ability to wage war, etc. Therefore the bowls are within […]