Who Are We and What is The Biblical Prophecy Program™? – Ep. 1

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In episode 1 of The Biblical Prophecy Program™ I introduced the program and described the helpful resources that are available at Eschatos Ministries, as well as what the show’s format will be.

I gave some background on myself and where I am today. I also talked about the mission and the urgent message of Eschatos Ministries and how the Biblical Prophecy Program will help spread that message.

There are three ways to listen to the program:

The first way is very simple by coming directly to the homepage of this website and clicking on the player to listen. That’s it!

Second, next to the player button you will see a “download” link where you can download it directly on your computer to open it up and play it in your media player of choice.

Third, you can subscribe via podcast to the show for example through iTunes.

In the show I also talked about becoming Eschatos Partner.

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