A Sober Message for Those Who Live in California. . .

Christians in America only have a few years left before they are censored completely. I am not trying to be sensational. I have never been sensational. These are the facts. Many Christians have their heads in the sand thinking that they will always have their freedom of religion and speech. That will soon not be a reality.

Calling people to repentance because judgment day is coming (2 Thess 1:5–12) is not popular in this country; in fact, it is considered a dangerous teaching by the authorities and the establishment—and the vast majority of Evangelical pastors shamefully avoid the topic all together.

We only have a few years left to have the freedom to spread this message And that means there are only a few years left of Eschatos Minstries to spread the truth about the second coming of Christ. I am not under the delusion that this ministry will continue unabated as it has.

Pretribulationism is under the lie that they will escape the coming persecution. Preterism and historicism is under the lie that there will not be a persecution. However, both Jesus and Paul warned not to be deceived by these false teachings (Matt 24:4; 2 Thess 2:3). The eschatological persecution is coming.

I am speaking at my last conference this year in southern California, October 11th. Invite every pretrib friend that you possibly know, who needs to be challenged by what they have traditionally been taught. Care for the souls of your unbelieving friends and family members and invite them, don’t exclude them,  since they need to repent and be saved from the coming wrath of God.

This is not a game. I am not doing this for my health. I do not make money doing these things; in fact, I lose money.

Difficult times are coming upon the church, particularly upon the sleeping, apathetic church in America.

Jolt yourself out of your comfort zone—and join us. Prepare your hearts for God’s unadulterated truth. Time is short. “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.” (Eph 5:15–16).


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