VIDEO: Open Air Preaching at the New Jersey Auschwitz

abortion preachingSaturday morning with a balmy 10 degrees, Robert Parker and myself alternated open air preaching at Englewood’s “Women’s Center” (aka the Auschwitz of New Jersey). This mill kills more babies than any other abortion mill in New Jersey.

You can watch a brief clip of Parker’s preaching below. Every ten minutes we witnessed a mother entering the mill to kill her baby.

There were women who walked in with tears or they just had a somber face. And when they walked out of the mill most of them looked liked zombies. We know why. They know deep down they have committed an evil act against the holy One. God has given each one of them a conscience, though they try to suppress this knowledge.

We were literally feet away from the entrance, while the brick wall helped to reflect and amplify the sound of our voices. The mothers inside—and the butchers who were destroying their babies—were able to hear us from outside the building.

I preached from Zephaniah and Isaiah with a message of repentance to receive God’s grace, lest they find themselves being punished for their sins in the coming day of the Lord’s wrath.

Eschatology should not be disconnected from the Gospel.

Let me repeat this again for those who think they can leave out the eschatological component of the gospel: Eschatology should not be disconnected from the gospel. As Noah preached to a wicked generation warning them of God’s impending judgment, we also must preach to this wicked generation warning them of the coming day of judgment. They need to be jolted out of their complacency with the message of the approaching human collision course with the Creator of the world.

Only God’s mercy can save them—including myself—from that Day.

Incidentally, there were Roman Catholic women there who were an obstruction to our gospel proclamation, by handing out rosaries and telling people not to listen to us. Rome’s false gospel will also perish in the day of wrath, along with those who place their hope in its deception.

Pray that God will restrain the monstrosity of abortion in Englewood and the nation at large. God have mercy on us.

Englewood’s “Women’s Center” is where babies are murdered.

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