If you need more evidence that Mark Biltz is a sensational “prophecy teacher” look no further…

I’m sorry but this is just nutty:

Biltz, meanwhile sees more evidence something big is in the works by the Dow plunges on successive days last week. On Tuesday, he points out, the market dropped 358 points. The next day it dropped 530 points. Add those numbers up and you get 888, which Biltz says in biblical parlance is suggestive of “new beginnings.” He also says the numerical equivalent of Jesus’ name in the Greek alphabet is 888. Source.

There you go!

Um…what about the other days that it was in the red? I guess that would mess up Biltz’s gematria.

Not to mention he is on record for predicting Jesus’ return this fall.

It will not be too soon that all the “blood moon ” craze will be over. Sadly, there is nothing to learn about biblical prophecy from Biltz’s theory. Nothing. No value, zippo. How many people after reading Biltz’s book can walk through, for example, Jesus’ Olivet Discourse verse by verse and explain its meaning? I am afraid to know.

Sadly, once the blood moon hype is pass us, another sensational theory will be picked up and ran with causing all sort of hype and distracting God’s people from learning who Jesus is and his will for his people.

And one wonders why the Church remains ignorant on biblical prophecy?



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