This week on the Program I will be responding to Pretrib Pastor Jim McClarty’s Shallow ‘Critique’ of Prewrath

I was informed of the pastor Jim McClarty’s recent article responding to the prewrath position and his attempt to refute it.

As I read it I admit I was taken back a bit by his tone and his shallow argumentation, childish rhetoric, ignorant understanding of how Greek works, and other forms of errant biblical interpretation.

McClarty is an otherwise solid interpreter of God’s Word, such as his defense of premillennialism. So it is disappointing to see him argue in such a fashion.

But I have noticed over the years, that when challenged on their Tradition of pretribulationalism, it has made otherwise sober and solid pastors use shallow arguments, change their hermeneutic, and punctuate their responses with emotionalism. In recent years, a lot of pretrib pastors are seeing much to their chagrin many of their people question pretribulationism, and even leaving it for the prewrath view.

I don’t take any pleasure seeing good men of God defending an indefensible tradition.

One example from his article, McClarty writes:

If it’s true that pre-wrath crowd is expecting to survive the tribulation – until Christ
returns, sometime late in the seven-year sequence – they should be currently
living off-the-grid, hunkered down somewhere where no one could find them.

I can chalk up this inane statement in terms that McClarty is not an academic. Nevertheless, it is emotional rhetoric in an article that he wants to be taken credible.

Morevover, he is wrong. I am prewrath and I don’t expect to survive the tribulation. Unless God in his sovereignty sees to it that I do survive—God can protect his people in other situations than a bunker or off-grid! Last time I checked, God was bigger than that.

All this to say, I will be starting a series this week on my The Biblical Prophecy Program substantively going through his article.

I want to challenge all of McClarty’s pretrib followers of his ministry to first read his article in response to prewrath, and then listen to my upcoming series responding to his article. Let the reader decide who is being faithful to consistent biblical interpretation, and who is not.

In addition, I want to challenge McClarty to post my audio series on his website, side-by-side with his article. I am posting his article here and in my forthcoming series. Will he do the same on his website?

We shall see.


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