False Teacher and Failed Date Setter Mark Biltz Makes a Most Dangerous Statement: ‘We are safe and have another seven years’

False teacher and failed date setter Mark Biltz whose failed prediction of Jesus’ return last month is at it again.

Failed date setters do not repent—they double down.

Biltz has contributed absolutely nothing, I repeat nothing to biblical prophecy in any meaningful sense of the term.

(Why WND promotes Biltz when there are so many exponentially better prophecy teachers out there is beyond me.)

He has led countless people down a path of shear ignorance and speculation. Don’t tell me “He is a nice person.” That is so irrelevant to warning the flock of false teachers—who by the way are typically “nice” people.

The greatest gift the church can possess as we approach the Lord’s coming is discernment. And yet it seems this is the one gift that is so utterly lacking in our church today. And pastors who want to ignore the issue of “eschatology” are complicit in this crime of not protecting the people of God from wolves.

Correct eschatology matters.

This brings me to a recent WND article titled “Prediction: Great Tribulation at least 7 years away.

Biltz makes a number of wrong-headed statements, not to mention he wrongly equates the great tribulation with the seven year period.

I want to highlight one statement where he says:

“Since it does not appear that the Tribulation started in 2015, praise God we know we are safe and have another seven years to get more work done for the kingdom” (emphasis mine).

So after Biltz’s failed prophecy, he has assumed the posture of basically saying, “Well, Jesus did not return last month with the tribulation starting, therefore we are ‘safe’ for another seven years.”

Incidentally, notice his implicit pretribulationism in his article.

No, we are not “safe” Mr. Biltz. Your “prophetic” calendric obsession is not the source of finding hope and truth on these matters.

Who are you to presume of God that he must begin the seven year period on the “Shemitah” cycle? I would like an answer. The Bible does not teach this. You are making speculative extrapolations from “patterns” and importing that to fit your preconceived conclusion.

If the seven-year period begins in the next year or within the next seven years—which is very possible—you will have martyrs’ blood on your hands for misleading God’s people and letting down their guard. You will be held accountable to God.

Cease your fixation on numbers and “calendars.”

It will be so like God to confound people such as yourself to have Jesus return in a year that you do not expect. Mr. Biltz, Yahweh will confound your calculations, your speculations, your false teachings.

Start teaching soberly on what Jesus actually taught in his Olivet Discourse, Paul’s teaching in his Thessalonian epistles, and a sober examination of the book of Revelation.

Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. —James 3:1


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