A Reply to Jim McClarty’s Selective Use of Passages to Fit His Unbiblical Construct of a Pretrib Rapture: Matthew 24, Israel, and the Church – Ep. 50

Alan Kurschner itunesI continued my response to Jim McClarity’s critique of the prewrath position, in particular his objection that Matthew 24 applies to the church. I addressed the following topics:

-The disciples were representatives of the church

-The Great Commission’s relation with Matthew 24

-The resurrection/rapture in Matthew 24

-Jesus’ use of Jewish culture in Matthew 24

-Daniel’s 70th week prophecy

-The Antichrist’s great tribulation

-The word-concept fallacy

-Interpreting the Old in the New Testament

-A false dichotomy between Israel/Jew and the church

-Jesus teaching in John 14


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