How to Prepare for Jesus’ Second Coming: Why Pastors AVOID Paul’s Thessalonian Epistles – Ep. 67

itunes cover art biblical program 3000This was a hard-hitting program. Paul’s Thessalonian epistles are typically ignored by pastors and other Christians because, in my opinion, of its direct teaching that contradicts the interpreters’ eschatology.

I first discussed his first epistle to the Thessalonians and its message of the return of Jesus and why the Thessalonians were confused about eschatology, including the warnings to be watchful.

I noted that the believers in the Thessalonian church were new believers, and yet Paul did not hold back his eschatological teaching because they were “new in the faith.” The irony is that this is a typical reason why many pastors will not teach their flock eschatology particularly from Thessalonians, because they think that new believers need to be taught more “mature teachings” first.

Paul will have none of that nonsensical thinking.

Then I shifted to Paul’s second epistle to the Thessalonians. His message includes the following points: not to be deceived by others, do not associate closely with those who do not obey the message in the letter, the Antichrist must arrive before the return of Jesus to rapture and resurrect his people, and God will send a delusion to those who reject the truth.

The book of Second Thessalonians will offend at least one part or more of most people’s theology—which is why this book is one of the most ignored books in the New Testament. And when it is addressed, the message is typically twisted to fit the interpreters tradition.


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