(VIDEO) An Easy Refutation of Pretrib Pastor Joey Wampler on the 24 Elders

I have replied to this common pretrib argument before here and here.

Incidentally, pastor Wampler, first, you have to understand that Steven Anderson holds to a warped view of the prewrath rapture. He is not representative of the prewrath position. Second, you said that Steven Anderson has a skewed interpretation of this passage. That is because Steven Anderson, like yourself, invests ultimate authority into an early 17th century Anglican English version of the Bible (aka King James Bible). The text of Revelation 5 in the King James Bible on the 24 elders contains a later textual variant that was added later in the transmission of the Bible. It does not represent the original text on this passage, which I have demonstrated textually in the first link that I provided above.

(Editor’s note: I like the King James Bible and I use it at times. But as far as responding to KJV Onlyism I would highly recommend James White’s book The King James Only Controversy.)



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