How to Reply to Platitudes Intended to Discourage Your Study of Eschatology – Ep. 27 Play in new window | Download | EmbedI played a brief clip from my Introduction session at the Bible Prophecy seminar from last Saturday in the Salt Lake City Area. I open up these seminars responding to various platitudes that we often hear others make that sound pious on the surface, but are not […]

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Bible Prophecy Seminar Next Month! Salt Lake City    

New Jersey Bible Prophecy Seminar This Saturday!

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East Coast Bible Prophecy Seminar Next Week!

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Bible Prophecy Seminar THIS Saturday in California!  

A Quick Update on the Seminar…

The Bible prophecy seminar in Minnesota today was enjoyable! I gave sober, substantive presentations on key issues surrounding the Lord’s second coming. The attendees received it well and told me during and after the seminar that it was clear and persuasive. I also heard the not uncommon lament from many that this vital truth is […]

Bible Prophecy Seminar this Saturday!

This Saturday Minnesota Bible Prophecy Seminar! See you there!        

Habbena Will be Joining Us This Coming Saturday at the Bible Prophecy Seminar…

Ryan Habbena will be joining us at the Bible prophecy seminar on Saturday in Minnesota. He is author of The Parable of the Fig Tree: Discerning the Signs that Herald Christ’s Return. He is also pastor of Conquering King Fellowship in Eagan, MN and directs Signet Ring Ministries. Ryan will talk for a few minutes […]


CLICK HERE FOR SEMINAR FLYER   Register Here: Individual $25.00 USDMarried Couple $45.00 USD      


CLICK HERE FOR SEMINAR FLYER Register Here: Individual $25.00 USDMarried Couple $45.00 USD