Ezekiel 16 and Revelation 17: Understanding The Great Prostitute

http://www.signetringministries.org/2013/04/28/1186/ An excerpt: Thus there is the need to break up the love relationship between Jerusalem and her “lovers”, the “nations,” the “kings of the earth.” God changes the love of the “kings of the earth” for Jerusalem to hate (Revelation 17:16). They turn on Jerusalem. It is God’s purpose that they do so (Revelation […]

Answering Objections to Ezekiel’s Temple Sacrifices


Response to Renald Showers on Ezekiel 14:21 — First Four Seals and “Four terrible judgments–sword, famine, wild animals, and plague”

For this is what the sovereign LORD says: How much worse will it be when I send my four terrible judgments–sword, famine, wild animals, and plague–to Jerusalem to kill both people and animals! (Ezek 14:21 NET) Yesterday, on Jimmy DeYoung’s radio show, Prophecy Today, he had pretribulationist Renald Showers on his show for about five […]