King James Only Cult Leader Steven Anderson Demonstrates His Carnal Nature

I’d rather not address Steven Anderson and his vile and despicable antics, once again. I don’t find joy in it. But because there are some undiscerning prewrathers out there that follow his material, I am compelled to expose this enemy of God and of his people. In unqualified terms, this man is a wolf in […]

Bart Ehrman, Steven Anderson, Chris Pinto…

What do these three men have in common? They are bent on confusing the people of God and undermining their faith in Scripture. James White addressed the latest by these men here on his radio show: I have commented on two of these men before on their behavior and conspiracy theories: Steven Anderson and […]

Another Reason to Reject Steven Anderson’s Material: He is a Date-Setter

What part of Matthew 24:36 do date-setters not understand? “But as for that day and hour no one knows it—not even the angels in heaven–except the Father alone.” Recently, I posted why everyone should stay far away from Steven Anderson’s material. Here is another good reason. Anderson justifies a date-setting schema saying: “Have I not […]

Avoiding Steven Anderson’s Material – A Plea For Discernment

I am not going to mince words in this post. Promoting Anderson’s material exposes your Christian friends to his cultish thinking and behavior—which brings disrepute to the name of Christ (see below for documentation). On prophecy, Steven Anderson in the past has wrongly appropriated the label “prewrath.” He is so far off base to be […]