Tares Among the Wheat by Chris Pinto – A Review

Fred Butler has written a helpful review of Chris Pinto’s conspiracy documentary entitled Tares Among the Wheat. I encourage you to read it. http://hipandthigh.wordpress.com/2013/11/26/tares-among-the-wheat-a-review/ On December 11th James White will be debating Chris Pinto. Even though Pinto’s conspiracy theory has been exposed many times, this debate will expose his errors live in a debate. I […]

Pinto’s Dated and Selective “Research”

Recently, I commented on Chris Pinto’s documentary Tares Among the Wheat where he argues that Codex Sinaiticus is a 19th century forgery. It was an egregiously biased documentary interviewing King James Only individuals and using dated and selective material aimed at a predetermined conclusion. There is one aspect of his documentary that is the most […]