Blah, Blah, Blah…Throwing the Rapture-Baby Out With the Pretrib-Bathwater This clichéd script by these individuals is so easy to predict. I have heard it numerous times: “Pretribulationism has made the rapture sensational, therefore, the rapture teaching is not important so we need to focus on a cure for AIDS.” Or something along those lines. A lot more of these surface-level articles will be coming […]

When the Philosopher William Lane Craig Makes Biblical Apologetic Statements it is often an Ugly Result Here is an excerpt by Steve Hays: iii) Gospel sayings are usually contextualized. Craig is denying the accuracy of the narrative contextualization, as if that misrepresents the reference or meaning of the saying. Certainly there are scholars who take that position, but that’s inimical to inerrancy. Indeed, the eminent historical Jesus scholar John Meier […]