(VIDEO) Prewrath Is ‘Satanic’ Thinks Jan Markell, Pastor J.D. Farag, and Amir Tsarfati…

Jan Markell | Olive Tree Ministries

In last weekend’s Understanding The Times Conferences 2017 hosted by Jan Markell’s Olive Tree Ministries, she had a meeting with two of the speakers that was video recorded. In the video below starting at the timestamp 6:45 you can hear them talk about how prewrath is “Satanic.”

Well, we cannot have any of that! Let’s help Jan Markell and her two speakers Pastor J.D. Farag and Amir Tsarfati refute the Satanic doctrine of prewrath, shall we? Jan, I suggest that you make room in next year’s annual conference in Minnesota for a public moderated debate. All three of you can take the pretrib position, and lonely me will take the prewrath position. Here would be a golden opportunity to refute the Satanic prewrath teaching in front of your 6,000 attendees. How can you pass this up? What say you? In fact, feel free to have your other speaker Mark Hitchcock join the three of you. That would make four against one…I don’t mind at all. On second thoughts, Mr. Hitchcock may not want to do this, because he has turned down an invitation to debate me in the past. But you sound pretty confident with your bluster in the video, especially calling prewrath “nonsense,” so surely you are up for the task. I am sure you care for the souls of your attendees so they are not led astray by prewrath, yes? So it would be safe for me to conclude that if you do not take me up on my challenge for a debate, then you either do not care for their souls or you know down deep inside that you are incompetent to refute prewrath publicly against an actual prewrath exponent. So then the third reasonable option is to engage in meaningful debate. Here is my contact info.

*Incidentally, I am encouraged by this, because I know for a fact that prewrath is making significant inroads into their pretrib circles (and otherwise they would not even acknowledge prewrath). And they do not like that. What easier way to refute something than to simply call it “Satanic”!  But the more they bloviate their rhetoric and not actually engage in meaningful discussion, Markell and her ilk will continue to experience consternation for watching traditional pretrib believers reject pretrib and come over to the prewrath camp. And that is a good thing!


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