Romans 4:13, Israel’s Land, and a Reply to Supersessionism (aka Replacement Theology)

“For the promise to Abraham or to his descendants that he would be heir of the world was not through the Law, but through the righteousness of faith.” (Romans 4:13) by Michael J. Vlach Romans 4:13 has become a hotly debated verse lately between those who believe in a literal future fulfillment of Israel’s land […]

Jesus, the Kingdom and the Promised Land, a Response to N.T. Wright’s Supersessionism on Israel

In ancient Judaism the kingdom of David/Israel was seen as the material expression of YHWH’s kingdom on earth. What’s more, because of this, both idyllic and restorative conceptions can easily coexist. I assert, therefore, that a more robust understanding of ancient Judaism’s, and likewise early Christianity’s, conception of the kingdom of God should take into […]

Creationism Matters Too, Not Just Eschatology

Sadly, many pastors who say that eschatology “does not matter” also say that the creation issue does not matter. It is not by mistake that many who interpret the book of Revelation, for example, in a non-historical or spiritualizing manner do the same with the creation account in the book of Genesis. The speed at […]

N.T. Wright Uses Hyper-Preterist Arguments

I have pointed out in the past to preterists that Jesus in his Olivet Discourse cites from the most explicit resurrection passage in the entire Old Testament in Matthew 24–25.  But they ignore this point. I describe this point in detail in my Antichrist Before the Day of the Lord: What Every Christian Needs to Know […]

More on N. T. Wright’s Downgraded Eschatology  

N.T. Wright’s Downgraded Eschatology But, curiously [this is typical of non-futurist eschatology, which is, sadly, becoming much more prevalent in evangelical churches], we don’t get much about such things as Jesus’ parousia/return (mentioned, but not really engaged), resurrection of the dead (Paul believed it, but little else), final judgement (same here), the glorification of believers (same again), etc.  […]

N. T. Wright’s Supersessionism Does Not Square with the Apostle Paul

Here is an excellent piece by Larry Hurtado taking N. T. Wright’s supersessionism to task.  

Barbara Rossing’s “Ideology Exposed”

Increasingly, futurists/premillennialists are seen as a “dangerous” and “extreme” fringe, namely, because we are caricatured as not caring about the here and now (i.e. the environment, social justice, etc.). Our foes often invoke Tim LaHaye and his Left Behind series as emblematic for conservative, evangelical, futurism in their derision for us. To be sure, I […]

Is Jerusalem Holy — Or Not? By the way, premillennialists should memorize the biblical passages listed in the second half of this article.