Prewrath Has Been Refuted!

Doug Stauffer has refuted the prewrath position on Prophecy in the News.

Starting at 24:30 into this interview Stauffer launched this most irrefutable, decisive blow against the prewrath position:

There you have it folks, prewrath is wrong because, in Stauffer’s own words:

It’s just not a good eschatological teaching.

Time to close shop. Throw away all those prewrath books because Stauffer’s word is Gospel. He said it, therefore it must be true.

Incidentally, earlier in the interview Stauffer argues that the pretrib position must be correct because in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 there is a “comma” after the word “first” in the King James Bible. Now I know what the vast majority of you are thinking: commas were never in the original Greek; they are interpretive insertions by the translators. This is true, but there is something you need to know about Doug Stauffer. He is not just King James Only; he is the most extreme of them, believing that the King James Bible is additional revelation from God. In short, he believes that this early 17th century Anglican English translation of the Bible (aka KJV 1611) is God’s later revelation to his church. This is why you will not hear him talk about the Hebrew or Greek. In other words, if I refute him by arguing (rightly) that the comma should not be there in 2 Thes 2:3 in the KJV by giving Greek grammatical and contextual reasons, he will not care because for Stauffer he invests ultimate authority into this 17th century Anglican Bible. It trumps the Greek and Hebrew, so the original languages should not be consulted. For Stauffer, God has re-inspired the Bible many centuries after it was originally written.

Other than his KJVOnlyism and his pretribulational rapture views, he has some serious (heretical) beliefs such as his hyper-dispensationalism and his view on the gospel:

How many people at the Orlando Prophecy Summit coming up soon know about his fringe beliefs? Then again, a prophecy conference that is showcasing “a television that is displayed into the mirror in every bathroom” probably does not have that much discernment to begin with.

See also this from James White:


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