Billy Crone Commits a Form of the Ancient Heresy of Dualism

Billy Crone in defending pretribulationism as you can see in the video below (starting at 10:10) argues fallaciously that since Jesus opens up the seals, therefore the seals must be God’s eschatological wrath. In other words, in his thinking Jesus cannot be sovereign and have good purposes in his divine decree for the persecution of […]

My Review of the Rapture Debate between Pre-Trib Doug Stauffer and Post-Trib Joe Schimmel – Ep. 61 Play in new window | Download | EmbedI gave my review of the rapture debate between Pre-Trib Doug Stauffer and Post-Trib Joe Schimmel that occurred at the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit in Colorado hosted by Prophecy in the News. I addressed the following issues that was covered in the debate, in no particular order: […]

Why is Doug Stauffer Participating in His Self-Described Condemnation of an Upcoming Rapture Debate?

I have recently challenged Doug Stauffer to a debate to defend his pretribulationism. His response was that he does not participate in debates because they are “condemned by scripture.” Evidently, Proverbs 18:17 is not found in his King James Bible, “The first to state his case seems right, until his opponent begins to cross-examine him” […]

Prewrath Has Been Refuted!

Doug Stauffer has refuted the prewrath position on Prophecy in the News. Starting at 24:30 into this interview Stauffer launched this most irrefutable, decisive blow against the prewrath position: There you have it folks, prewrath is wrong because, in Stauffer’s own words: It’s just not a good eschatological teaching. Time to close shop. Throw away […]

The Sad State of Pretrib Prophecy Conferences These Days. . .

Looking over some of the topics discussed at this recent “prophecy” conference, you would think one needed a copy of 1 Enoch instead of the Bible. Gary Stearman- What is a Giant?: The Old Testament Footprints of the Nephilim Russ Dizdar- A Prophecy of Dark Spirits: Fighting Future Battles Now Russ Breault- The Shroud of […]