(VIDEO) Scott Clarke Contradicts Himself in His ‘Date-Suggesting’ Rapture Talk

Scott Clarke is the one responsible for originally theorizing and then promoting the “Rapture in Revelation 12/September 23rd interpretation,” something that has gone viral in recent months and will continue to do so until its failed fulfillment on the morning of September 24.

Last week, he gave a talk at the “The Watchmen Signs in the Heavenlies Bible Prophecy Conference” in Idaho. In the video below starting at 20:55, in a span of about thirty seconds, you can hear Scott Clarke, who is pretrib, go from placing the rapture at the celestial disturbances—which he admits happens after the tribulation period (Luke 21:12–28)—and then immediately contradicting himself by dogmatically claiming that “the Bible is incredibly clear that the rapture of the body of Christ has to take place before the tribulation period.”

He does not seem to recognize his own contradiction in his statement above—including the audience who then clapped after his statement.

Ironically, a few moments later he says “I’m all about the cross-referencing.” But he conspicuously omitted the most important cross-references on the topic of the celestial disturbances in Matthew 24 and the sixth seal in Revelation 6, which buttress’s the point in Luke 21 that the Antichrist’s great tribulation happens before the celestial disturbances, and thus before the day of the Lord.

He, as all other pretribulationists, confuse the day of the Lord’s wrath with the Antichrist’s great tribulation. A fatal flaw to their eschatological framework.

Clarke is an amiable and bright person, but he is wedded to his tradition with pretrib lens that he interprets these things through. I have an ongoing series responding to his theory and interpretation here.


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