The United Nations and their Anti-Israel Actions on Full Display

On November 8, in a direct attack at the heart of Judaism and the Jewish People, the United Nations General Assembly passed two resolutions that mentioned the “Haram al Sharif” but not its Jewish synonym “the Temple Mount” as one of the “holy places of Jerusalem.”  This followed an October 26 resolution by the World […]

Evangelicals Shunning Israel and Something Else… (h.t. J.R.) This is not unrelated to a similar trend that I see happening in Evangelicalism in recent years: Evangelicals are also shunning talking about the second coming of Jesus. Yes, you heard me right. We expect this in the dead mainline churches. But it is now happening in evangelical—even conservative evangelical—churches.  Many are […]

Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism, and the Left