The Parousia of the Mahdi


There is an Important Difference Between Saying Obama “IS” the Antichrist and that he “COULD” be the Antichrist

Recently, there is a lot of chatter out there about whether Obama is the Antichrist. I posted this a while back but it is still a good, biblical reminder.    

The Second Coming of…Who?

James White writes, “Absolutely…disgusting (and blasphemous as well). Can you IMAGINE what would happen if they used an Islamic concept, say, such as the Mir’aj (Muhammad’s visit to heaven), in such a context? The Middle East would erupt in violence and mayhem. But, since it is a Christian concept, well—who cares? Newsweek, dead as a […]

Secretary-General Obama

I do not write on politics or world events, but I am going to make an exception. I see something ominous in the making, creepy may be a better term. A couple of months before Obama was elected president I begun to noticed his egotism. Even in the beginning of his term he was meeting […]