How to — and Not to — Perform “Word” Studies in Greek and Hebrew

I highly recommend reading the following article on doing “word” studies, and how to avoid fallacious “word” studies. I place the word “word” in italics because there is no such thing as a word having a meaning outside of its context. And yet, it is assumed by so many interpreters that words can have meanings […]

Was the Gospel of Matthew Originally Written in Hebrew or Greek?

The short answer is: Greek. Michael Brown gives the long answer:  

Studying the Book of Daniel in the Original Aramaic and Hebrew

This article is for those who desire to learn the Old Testament in the original languages, especially studying the book of Daniel in its original language. I want to give some helpful resources for learning Biblical Aramaic and Hebrew. Studying the original biblical languages—Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek—is not for the fainthearted. But for those who […]