BIAS ALERT: This person makes a GREAT point about The John Ankerberg Show | Prewrath Rapture

The John Ankerberg Show has been known for having different perspectives represented by different proponents on a topic. However, when it comes to one particular topic, the rapture, Ankerberg will only have pretrib guests on this show. Can anyone say…painfully biased? He does not have a prewrather, posttribber, or a preterist on his show. He […]

“Critique of the Pre-Wrath Rapture View” by John Ankerberg John Ankerberg has a video he is selling that you can find in the link above. But it contains no description of the video, such as who is doing the critiquing and what issues were covered. I am assuming it was Ankerberg himself. And I am certainly not going to pay the exorbitant price […]