As It Was in the Days of Noah: Do You Want to Be Left Behind or Taken at the Second Coming of Jesus? Matthew 24:37–41 – Ep. 9 Play in new window | Download | Embed Background to the Noahic and “Left Behind” Passage in Matthew 24:37–41 In the first part of the program I gave some background on this issue, explaining why two different groups of pretribulationists hold to opposite viewpoints about this issue and passage. I also explained that there […]

“I WANT to be Left Behind!”

[See also this program devoted to this issue] So goes this pious slogan that I am already hearing in response to the Left Behind movie. There are three articles this week already with that slogan in the title! The irony is that most pretribbers do not believe the allusion “left behind” to the Noahic illustration […]