Jesus Could NOT Have Returned During the Life of Peter – Ep. 92 Play in new window | Download | EmbedJesus’s return was not imminent during the life of Peter.  “I tell you the solemn truth, when you were young, you tied your clothes around you and went wherever you wanted, but when you are old [gēraskō], you will stretch out your hands, and others will tie […]

RAPTURE DEBATE: Will the Church Face the Antichrist Before the Rapture? Pre-Wrath or Pre-Tribulational? – Ep. 29 Play in new window | Download | EmbedUPDATE HERE!   I announced an upcoming debate on the rapture question between myself representing the prewrath position and Thomas Ice of the Pre-trib Research Center representing the pretrib position. The debate will be held at The Hope Center in Plano Texas, September 25th 2015, a Friday […]

As It Was in the Days of Noah: Do You Want to Be Left Behind or Taken at the Second Coming of Jesus? Matthew 24:37–41 – Ep. 9 Play in new window | Download | Embed Background to the Noahic and “Left Behind” Passage in Matthew 24:37–41 In the first part of the program I gave some background on this issue, explaining why two different groups of pretribulationists hold to opposite viewpoints about this issue and passage. I also explained that there […]

3 Reasons for the Rapture – Ep. 5 Play in new window | Download | EmbedI explained that the Bible gives at least three reasons for the rapture. Many people associate “the rapture” with some secret event where millions of people suddenly disappear leaving behind their underwear and pantyhose. That notion is a glory-robbing interpretation from God’s real purposes for the rapture. […]

Interview on the Pre-Wrath Rapture

Lindsay Kennedy posted his interview with me on the prewrath position. You can read it here: Last week, he posted his interview with Craig Blomberg on post-tribulationism, and next week he will post his interview with Michael Svigel on pre-tribulationism. Then he will finish up the series with posting questions that we were able […]