VIDEO: Exposing More of Pinto’s Sensational Claims

I have posted a blog entry at James White blog citing Evangelical textual scholar Daniel Wallace making some excellent points refuting the sensational and baseless claim that Codex Sinaiticus is a forgery. Wallace is one of the foremost Evangelical textual scholars today defending the trustworthiness of the Bible, for example, debating such liberals as Bart […]

James White Comments on Chris Pinto’s Conspiracy Theory on Codex Sinaiticus Being a Forgery

At 27:51, James White, author of┬áThe King James Only Controversy on his Dividing Line show comments on Pinto’s conspiracy: White comments, here is an excerpt: There is so much stupidity on the Net that what are you suppose to say? That kind of accusation, especially in light of all the other manuscripts that are […]

You Can Lead Pinto to Paleographic Research But You Cannot Make Him Drink

Chris Pinto writes: “Our old friend Alan Kurschner has posted another article in response to yesterday’s show, after he was exposed as a research-wannabe, who insists on writing about a film that he has not yet seen. Chris replies to his comments, which are strange to say the least. Kurschner has now stated that he […]

Conspiracy Theorist Chris Pinto Responds to Me “ALAN KURSCHNER: HARVARD DIVINITY DUPE Chris discusses a recent review of the film “Tares Among the Wheat” posted by Alan Kurschner, the founder of Eschatos Ministries. The film documents the provable history of the controversies surrounding the discovery of the Codex Sinaiticus. Yet, in his review, Mr. Kurschner refers to the film as “ignorant” […]

Pinto’s Dated and Selective “Research”

Recently, I commented on Chris Pinto’s documentary Tares Among the Wheat where he argues that Codex Sinaiticus is a 19th century forgery. It was an egregiously biased documentary interviewing King James Only individuals and using dated and selective material aimed at a predetermined conclusion. There is one aspect of his documentary that is the most […]

Chris Pinto and His Ignorant, Kooky Conspiracy

I have come across many attempts by individuals who undermine the confidence in God’s Word, especially as it is reflected in translations that are not the King James Version Bible. Almost every time these people cannot read Greek or have not studied the history of textual transmission of the Bible. I have studies in both, […]