An Open Debate Challenge to Jimmy DeYoung on the Timing of the Rapture

The first to state his case seems right, until his opponent begins to cross-examine him.” —Proverbs 18:17

Mr. Jimmy DeYoung I would like to challenge you to a public moderated debate on the timing of the rapture: Prewrath vs. Pretribulationism. Will you accept? We can schedule for summer at a location of your choosing. A three hour debate is sufficient.

Debate is a God-glorifying medium of interaction for truth-lovers. Meaningful interaction is a good thing and is beneficial for God’s people, holding Christians accountable for their theological claims.

The debate will of course contain rebuttals and a cross-examination period; accordingly, the audience is benefited from actual dialogues and not just monologues since it often brings out more substantive discussions.

Mr. DeYoung, this will be an opportunity for you to defend publicly your pretribulational beliefs in a debate format. I am willing to put my prewrath claims under your cross-examination. Are you willing to do the same with your claims?

I would like to see this debate happen since I am confident that when Pretribulationism and Prewrath are presented side-by-side for others to evaluate,  the prewrath position is seen to be the most viable and biblical position. So I have a standing debate invitation for you.

The following debate format can be modified but here is a proposal:

Part 1: Opening Statements
Pretrib presentation: 30 minutes
Prewrath presentation: 30 minutes

Part 2: Rebuttals
Pretrib rebuttal: 20 minutes
Prewrath rebuttal: 20 minutes
Pretrib rebuttal: 15 minutes
Prewrath rebuttal: 15 minutes

Part 3: Cross-examination
Pretrib to Prewrath: 20 minutes
Prewrath to Pretrib: 20 minutes

Part 4: Closing Statements
Pretrib closing: 10 minutes
Prewrath closing: 10 minutes


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